Evolution of SmartPhones : A Boon or A Curse

Evolution of Smartphones

In today’s materialistic world, Smartphones have made our day to day life much easier and comfortable. Technology is the primary reason for bringing in comfort into our daily life. It has improved the living standards and our approach to many things. Smartphones today, are feature packed communication gadgets that provide great functionality and usage to … Read more

How to Remove Fake Referral Traffic in Google Analytics

Fake Referral Traffic Analytics

Getting traffic to your website for free is tempting. Isn’t it? But, sometimes it might become a headache for you, especially when it is trying to ruin your Analytics data. At first, when I discovered a traffic spike on one of my blogs a few months back, I was excited. I thought people are linking … Read more

WordPress Security Tips to Keep Your Site Secure from Hackers

WordPress Security Tips

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform which makes it vulnerable enough to be hacked by hackers. Getting hacked is not fun. You could lose everything. That’s why it is a smart idea take some extra efforts in order to protect your and your visitors data. Unfortunately, no one can guarantee 100% security in case … Read more

Speed Up WordPress – Caching and Database Optimization

Speed Up WordPress

Almost every WordPress user searches at least once in his/her blogging career about the techniques to speed up WordPress. As a newbie blogger, it is not a surprising matter to ignore the importance of caching and database optimization. But as soon as the pages become heavy and the loading speed of the site decreases, then … Read more