Image optimization for SEO – 11 Tips to Master It

Image Optimization for SEO - 11 Tips To Master It

As a blogger, we often forget to optimize images uploaded in a post. We simply upload it without being worried about its size, tags, etc. We try to concentrate on the writings, but eventually forget how important the images are. Images are the face of a blog post. We often have that misconception that only … Read more

Quick Tips for High SEO Rankings for Your Website

Quick Tips for SEO Rankings

SEO is a dynamic and wide topic, but as much as the techniques change, sometimes in a matter of months, there are those that will always remain useful. Here are some of the timeless techniques to keep in mind when looking to improve one’s SEO rankings for blogs/websites. CONTENT IS KING The techniques of presentation … Read more

How to Increase Domain Authority Quickly

How to Increase Domain Authority

Many beginner bloggers usually ask the question why their blog posts are not ranking high in search engines even though they have written great blog posts with 2000 words and why other pages with only 500 words are ranking higher than their post. So, my dear friends, this is where domain authority comes into the … Read more

Ping Sites for Faster Indexing of Your Website

Ping Sites

Ping Sites have an important role in indexing your website or blog faster. You may be working hard to create contents for your blog, building backlinks for your blog and at the end, you have noticed that no one is actually reading your blog. This is so frustrating, isn’t it? The most obvious reason behind this … Read more

20 Smart Ways To Get Quality Backlinks Easily

Quality Backlinks

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a major consideration for anyone who wants to get their website onto the first page of Google. Doing so drives more traffic and enhances the profitability of your website. To get quality backlinks have always been an important part of SEO. On the other hand, bad backlinks have the reverse … Read more

SEO, Backlinks and Traffic for Beginners

SEO Backlinks Traffic

You can have the most amazingly beautiful, usable website but it won’t matter two hoots unless people actually visit it.  Here comes the importance of search engine optimization for a beginner. That’s not to say that this is somehow a basic and amateur guide. The basics of SEO are often forgotten as people try to … Read more