MIUI ROM for All Android Devices

MIUI is one of the finest ROM created for Android devices. But, unfortunately, this ROM is not available for all types of Android phones. This ROM is updated for only a few among thousands of Android Smartphones. Due to some awesome features as well as appearance, this ROM is the dream ROM for almost all Android users. If you are searching for this ROM for your Android smartphone and it is not listed on the official site of MIUI, don’t worry! There is still a hope for trying this ROM without flashing your phone in recovery mode.

If you have a phone with Android 4.0 and above & 1 GB and above RAM, the .apk version of this ROM can help you in this regards. This app version of MIUI has more features than the simple MIUI launcher downloadable from Google Play Store. Some mind-blowing features of this app are as follows,

MIUI Launcher: MIUI home launcher transforms your phone to a XIaomi phone with easy to use desktop and some beautiful features. It lets your phone run as efficiently as possible. The desktop grid-like layout makes it easy to manage your apps. It has HD custom icons, a variety of lock screens and a MiSpace feature that is unlike any other user interface. You can also download thousands of free themes to customize your phone.


MIUI Messaging: This app is integrated with the beautiful messaging feature of MIUI ROM with a lot of free themes to download. It has a powerful blocking feature to block unwanted messages. It also supports cloud messaging system. You can star important messages so they don’t get lost in the heap of other messages.

MIUI Contacts: MIUI contacts is another great feature added to this MIUI Express edition. Your contacts will be regularly synchronized with your Xiaomi account. You can blacklist your contacts to block unwanted calls. Assigning contact images and managing groups is an easy job using this MIUI Express edition.

MIUI Dialer: MIUI dialer is another powerful feature added to MIUI Express. Using the T9 search option you can dial your contacts faster than the stock dialer app. The T9 Smart-dialer can search for contacts by name, by phone number, and even lists results based on how often you call them.

Cloud Service: MIUI Express uses a cloud service to store important data like messages, contacts over a data connection. The only step needed to secure your device from losing important data is to create a Xiaomi account & connect it. Your personal data will be automatically synchronized with your Xiaomi account.


So, what you are looking for? Try MIUI Express & have some fragrance of MIUI ROM.

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