MIUI V5 Custom ROM for Karbonn Titanium S9

Are you searching for a custom ROM for your Karbonn Titanium S9? Previously we have discussed about rooting and installing CWM recovery on Karbonn Titanium S9. But, CWM recovery mode is useless for you if you do not have a custom ROM to flash through it. Most probably, after searching over the internet for a custom ROM for your Karbonn Titanium S9 for a long time, you haven’t got one. Don’t lose hope! I have successfully ported a custom ROM on it, which is a combination of MIUI V5 ROM for Spice Steller MI535 and some files of original stock ROM of Karbonn Titanium S9.

MIUI is the most popular ROM from a China based company named Xiaomi.

Some Awesome Features of this MIUI V5 Custom ROM:



MIUI V5 Custom ROM Home ScreenShot 1  MIUI V5 Custom Rom Home ScreenShot 2  MIUI V5 Custom Rom Themes Store

With thousands of downloadable themes, a clean and beautiful UI, MIUI V5 is the best option to have a great appearance. The themes are so powerful that they can change the look of everything such as wallpapers, icons, status bar, fonts, messaging application, dialer and contacts, boot animation, and even sounds such as the boot audio, ringtones, notifications and alarms.


Dialer, Contacts and Messaging:

MIUI V5 Custom Rom Dialer  MIUI V5 Custom Rom Messaging

MIUI V5 has made these core functionality of Android more powerful. A powerful blocking feature is added to block unwanted messages and calls. Messaging also supports cloud messaging system. You can star important messages so they don’t get lost in the heap of other messages. Your contacts will be regularly synchronized with your Xiaomi account. You can blacklist your contacts to block unwanted calls. Assigning contact images and managing groups is a easy job using this MIUI V5 ROM. Using the T9 search option you can dial your contacts faster than the stock dialer app. The T9 Smart-dialer can search for contacts by name, by phone number, and even lists results based on how often you call them.



MIUI V5 Custom Rom Security 1  MIUI V5 Custom Rom Security 2  MIUI V5 Custom Rom Security

MIUI V5 has implemented a powerful security system to keep your device safe. It has an inbuilt cleaner to clean junk files, an antivirus to keep your phone secure from malware, a power saver app with lots of tweaks, and much more.


Extended Settings Options:

MIUI V5 Custom Rom Settings ScreenShot 1  MIUI V5 Custom Rom Settings ScreenShot 2  MIUI V5 Custom Rom Settings ScreenShot 3

MIUI V5 is integrated with a bunch of powerful system settings and more useful options like ‘Do Not Disturb’ , ability to add cloud account for synchronizing contacts, call logs, messaging, files with Xiaomi’s cloud server so that you never lose any important data. AmoiSettings is another nice feature added which goes beyond the stock settings app.



MIUI V5 Custom Rom Music Player  MIUI V5 Custom Rom Gallery  MIUI V5 Custom Rom Movie Player

MIUI V5 has a powerful music player that can automatically download album art and lyrics for all of your songs. You can change the track by just shaking your phone. MIUI V5 movie player is integrated with an online movie store. It has a nicely designed gallery app for accessing local and cloud images.


And Much More…


Download MIUI V5 Custom ROM for Karbonn Titanium S9

Download it from HERE

How to install MIUI V5 Custom ROM on Karbonn Titanium S9

  • First you have to Root and install CWM recovery on your phone. If you haven’t yet, follow this tutorial, How to root and install CWM recovery on Karbonn Titanium S9
  • Download the ROM and copy it to Phone’s micro SD card.
  • Switch the phone off and Remove SIM Cards.
  • Switch the phone on in recovery mode by pressing ‘Home Key+Power Key+Volume Up Key’. Or normally switch the phone on and reboot in to recovery from MobileUncle MTK Tool.
  • On CWM Recovery Screen select the option ‘Install Zip from SD Card‘. In the next menu select ‘Choose Zip from SD Card‘. Select the previously downloaded ROM from the list. You will be asked for confirmation. Confirm the installation be selecting ‘Yes-Install‘ and wait for sometime. You will redirected to the main menu after successful installation. (Use Volume Up-Down keys for scrolling purpose and Power Key for selecting options)
  • Scroll down and select the option ‘Wipe Cache Partition‘ and confirm it.
  • Go to advanced option and select ‘Wipe Dalvik Cache‘.
  • Now, go back and reboot your phone from main menu.
  • After a few seconds your phone will be rebooted and you will see the shining MIUI logo. Follow the on screen instructions and personalize your phone as per your requirements.



MIUI India Forum
MIUI English Forum
MIUI Official Site

Disclaimer : Flashing your phone always has risks if not done properly. I shall not be responsible for any kind of damages. Do at your own risk.

Hope you have successfully installed MIUI V5 custom ROM on your Karbonn Titanium S9. I would love to hear from you in the comment section.

6 thoughts on “MIUI V5 Custom ROM for Karbonn Titanium S9”

  1. HI,

    I congratulate you on your great effort.There is just one thing. I have tried installing this rom on my device , according to the steps you have given. I am stuck at boot loop. It has been repeated 3-4 times with no success. Please tell me if I am missing anything? How much time does it usually take during the first time the ROM starts???

    • I am sorry to hear that!!
      It usually takes 3-4 minutes for the first boot. Did you cleared ‘Cache Partition’ & ‘Dalvik Cache’ after ROM installation? If not, try clearing those. You can try ‘wipe data/factory reset’ option at last and reboot. If problem persists remove your battery, reinsert it and switch it on in CWM recovery mode after 30 seconds, wipe data/cache/dalvik cache and reboot. If again boot loop, reinstall the ROM & check.
      Two more important questions. Did you take a NANDROID backup of your stock ROM? Did you followed my tutorial for rooting and installing CWM recovery?
      Let me know.

  2. Hi,

    I finally succeeded in installing the ROM and getting it to work on my device. Thanks again for the ROM and for the reply. Please include the “FACTOTY DATA RESET ” thing in instructions as it works only after doing the factory reset.

    One small bug: xiaomi account says network error, while the browsers and other apps requiring internet connectivity work good.

    Keep up the good work,lots of best regards.

    • I will surely add those lines to my post. Xiaomi account is working fine on my phone. It may not be able to connect at first attempt. Try using a Wifi connection.

        • Sorry for that. Dropbox failed to handle too many users downloading at a same time & suspended public sharing of the file. I am uploading all files to another file sharing site. Check back later. Thank you for your support.

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