Ping Sites for Faster Indexing of Your Website

Ping Sites have an important role in indexing your website or blog faster. You may be working hard to create contents for your blog, building backlinks for your blog and at the end, you have noticed that no one is actually reading your blog. This is so frustrating, isn’t it? The most obvious reason behind this may be the indexing factor. Your contents might not get indexed properly. Only ping sites can help you in this regards.

What are Ping Sites?

Ping sites are a kind of online tool that informs other search engine and directories that a particular blog or a web page is updated and request them to index the fresh contents.

Why Should You Use Ping Sites?

Using Ping Sites can speed up indexing because it essentially sends search engines and other services like web directories a message from your website telling them that there is new content and invites those crawl it. It is not a good idea to sit back and relax wishing that search engines will index your contents and your blog will go viral. If you have access to free resource tools then you should better use them. Ping sites not only notifies about contents of your blog but also the backlink sources of your blog and as a blogger, you must be aware of quality backlinks.

How to Use Ping Sites?

It is a very simple process to use ping sites. You just need to provide your Blog Name, your Home Page URL, RSS URL, and check the service you want to ping and hit the submit button. You will receive a confirmation message within seconds.

Ping Sites

List of Ping Sites

Limitation of Ping Sites

It is not a good idea to annoy search engines by pinging your site several times a day. Avoid pinging a URL multiple times within a short span of time. It is recommended to use 2-3 ping tools in a day. Moreover pinging a site is effective only when it has some fresh contents.

WordPress Pinging Settings

If you are running a WordPress site, you can set up pinging process to work automatically. You just need to go to ‘Writing’ under ‘Settings’ tab and scroll down to update services and add the below provided ping list.

Bottom Line

That’s all for today. I have tried to sum up all possible solutions for pinging a site for faster indexing. In case you have any suggestions or doubts, do let me know in the comments section.

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Happy Blogging!

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