YouTube for Android is Offering 1440p Resolution

YouTube app for Android is now offering 1440p resolution for smartphones having QHD display which is better than HD quality. With 2560 x 1440 QHD display resolution LG G3 is the first smartphone from well known manufacturer having QHD display. And with this giant smartphone you can now enjoy YouTube streaming at beyond HD quality.

However, this updated version of YouTube will not have any effect on low resolution devices. As Google is experimenting with 1440p resolution, it can be predicted that QHD displays are going to be the future of Android Smartphone.

Though it is a good news that we can enjoy video quality better than HD (1080p), but we also have to face major challenges like power drainage, huge data usage etc. Most of the YouTube users do not prefer full HD quality due to these drawbacks.

Which resolution usually do you prefer?


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